Harbour   A Collection Of Over 100 Old Abersoch Postcards
  This collection of postcards of the Abersoch area has some real gems dating back to the early part of the 20th Century.
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Aberdaron Church   Maritime History / Shipwrecks

There are various local websites that have a great deal of fascinating information regarding the maritime history of the area, including the many shipwrecks.

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Aberdaron Church   The Pilgrim's Trail and Some of its Churches
  There are many historic churches in the area and those shown here make up part of what is known as the Pilgrim's Trail.

Before the end of the fifth century, the first Christian pilgrims arrived on the Llyn to find suitable places to settle as hermits. From these places, the churches grew and some became popular haunts for pilgrims. The goal for some was to reach Ynys Enlli (Bardsey Island) which was so highly regarded that three pilgrimages to the Island could equal one to Rome!

Abbey of St. Mary Of Bardsey:
The first known holy man on the Island was Einion Frenin, who arrived possibly early in the 5th C. St. Cadfan arrived about a century later and started building a monastery on the northern part of the iIsland. Not much is left of it now - apart from some carved stones and broken cross shaft. The arrival of the Roman Church to Britain in the 6th C with St, Augustine's mission meant conflict with the Celtic Church. The Roman system prevailed though it wasn't until the 13th C that it was brought to the Island - when the Abbey was built. Some of the abbey still stands. For more info on Ynys Enlli and how to visit - click here.

Llanbedrog Church (St. Pedrog's):
St. Pedrog was a 6C Welsh saint who exercised a missionary ministry in Wales, Ireland, Cornwall and Brittany. No part of the church he built in the 6C remains today. Parts of the present church date back to the 13C and it can be found on the road that leads to Llanbedrog beach.

Church of St. Cian - Llangian:
The west part of this church dates to the 13C and the 15C roof is retained. The church is an undivided rectangle. In the churchyard, on the south side, stands a rough stone pillar. Its head is cut away to take a sundial. There is a Latin inscription on the stone in 3 vertical lines that reads - "Meli Medici Fili Martini Iacit" - "(The Stone) of Melus, the Doctor, son of Martinus. He lies (here)". The mention of the deceased's secular profession is said to be exceptional as they were generally omitted by the early Christians to conform to their professed detachment from worldly affairs. It is the only record of a "medicus" (doctor) on early Christian Inscriptions. The stone is of the 5th or early 6C.

St. Engan or St. Einion - Llanengan:
The structure is mostly late 15C to early 16C. It was popular as a place of pilgrimage in the Medieval Ages along with the Abbey of St. Mary on Ennli, with which it has connections. There are 2 lines of raised latin inscription above the west doorway recording the building of the tower in 1534. In the church there is a chest - "Cyff Engan", which is dug out of a single baulk of timber and bound. The lid has a large slot for coins and is possibly medieval.

St. Hywyn & St. Lleuddad - Aberdaron:
This church stands on the edge of Aberdaron beach and is a large medieval building with 2 naves. There is a plain but handsome Norman west doorway and a noble central arcade. The roof is partly medieval and the church contains 2 stone monuments to Christian priests and monks dating from 500 AD. It obviously has a strong link with Enlli (Bardsey) and both its patron saints were abbots of the island community.

Other notable churches include: Church of St. Beuno (Pistyll), St. Aelhearn (Llanaelhaern), The Church of St. Beuno (Clynnog Fawr), St. Mary's Church (Nefyn), St. Edern (Edern), St. Cwyfan (Tudweiliog), St. Gwynhoedl (Llangwnnadl), St. Michael (Treflys), St. Cynhaern (Ynys Cynhaern), St. Catherine's (Criccieth), St. Cawdraf's (Abererch), St. Maelrhys (Porth Ysgo) and St. Peter's (Pwllheli).

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The Pilgrim's Trail:
There are in effect 2 routes - northern and southern, which both converge on Aberdaron. The trail is signposted in places - though an OS map is advised. A map of the trail is under construction. For the last leg to Enlli (Bardsey) - consult the Bardesy Island Trust website.