Bodyboarding has also enjoyed the same rise in popularity as surfing over the last few years, with locals and visitors alike enjoying the North Wales surf. The Llyn has great bodyboarding potential...

All surf beaches have rip currents or rip tides - known to surfers as rips. Rips can be found on any beach where there are waves and they are currents running out to sea that can easily take swimmers or inexperienced body boarders and surfers from shallow water out beyond their depth. For more information on these - click here

Where to Ride:
Porth Neigwl (Hell's Mouth), Porth Ceiriad and Porth Oer (Whistling Sands) are the favoured spots on the peninsula.

Where to Buy & Hire:
West Coast Surf Shop is the only all year round surf shop in the village - the shop stocks a good selection of bodyboards, wetsuits and fins. Other shops in the village include Abersoch Boardrider, Abersoch Surf Shop and Abersoch Watersports.

Surf Reports:
West Coast Surf Shop has daily surf reports from Porth Neigwl, that include video clips, still shots and an automatic webcam overlooking the surf. There is also a surfline at West Coast Surf Shop that is normally updated twice daily - the number is 0906 5532208.

Where to Learn:
If you fancy having a bash at the stand up variety of surfing, a BSA affiliated surf school - is run by West Coast Surf Shop and is open for much of the year. Check out their website or contact them on 01758 713067.